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Screenings Can Save Lives – Health Organizations Agree

American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society

“Screening increases the chances of finding certain cancers early, when they might be easier to treat.”

National Cancer Institutes

“Several screening tests have been shown to detect cancer early and to reduce the chance of dying from that cancer.”

John Hopkins

“…its the finest way for those who are uncertain about their heart disease risk to make better decisions about treatment”

Revolution CT Scan

About Smart Scan

Thousands of Cancer & Heart Disease Screenings Since 2017

Smart Scan specializes in computed tomography (CT) full body screening exams for the early detection of cancer and heart disease.

Since our inception in 2017 we have provided thousands of cancer and heart disease screening CT exams here in the Tampa Bay area. Knowledge is power, our screening CT exam will identify your heart attack risk and detect cancer early before it’s had a chance to grow and spread. Armed with this knowledge you and your physician can take action to protect yourself and your family’s wellbeing.

  • We use state of the art, ultrafast, low-dose radiation, 64-slice or greater CT scanners

  • Transparent and affordable pricing

  • No high-pressure sales tactics or long presentations

  • Pay per scan, as needed with no hidden fees

Examples of CT Scan Results With Diagnoses

Early Detection Of Life Threatening Diseases

Early stage lung cancer

Early Stage Lung Cancer

This early lung cancer was found before the patient had any symptoms. It was cured with surgical removal.

Renal Cancer

Renal cancers are extremely difficult to cure once they have spread. This patient had no symptoms. The Full Body Scan revealed the tumor while it was still curable with surgery.

Coronary Artery Disease

The Full Body Scan detects and quantifies Coronary Artery Disease earlier than any other test. Early detection and treatment can lower the risks of heart attack and stroke.

Peace Of Mind & The Opportunity For A Longer Life

Our screening CT exam can identify your heart attack risk and detect cancer early. Armed with this knowledge, you and your physician can take action to protect you and prevent further progression.

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Computed Tomography Scan

What Is A CT Scan?

CT scans (computed tomography scans) produce detailed, cross-sectional images of the inside of the body.

They are quick, noninvasive and painless.

During a CT scan, an X-ray beam is directed at the patient and rotated around the body. A computer then generates “slice”-shaped images that depict organs, bones, soft tissues and other internal structures.

Images produced by the CT scan are more detailed than images produced by traditional X-rays. As a result, they are widely used for several purposes, including:

  • Identifying tumors or early-stage lesions that could potentially be cancerous
  • Determining the size and stage of a cancerous tumor
  • Identifying calcification of the coronary arteries which is associated with heart disease

While CT scans play a crucial role in the cancer screening process, they can identify unusual growths within the body; they cannot determine if that growth is cancerous. If a client’s CT scan results indicate anything unusual, additional testing can then be preformed. In the case of heart disease, calcification of the coronary arteries is an accepted indication of heart disease.

Thousands Of
Scans Since


Affordable & Transparent Pricing

Scans & Pricing

  • Cancer Screening
    Full Body CT Exam – $499 For a Limited Time
  • Heart Disease Screening
    Upper Body CT Exam with Coronary Calcium Score – $199
  • Both Screenings
    Cancer & Heart Disease Exams  – $698 For a Limited Time

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  • CT Scanning is a relatively new screening tool using computer […]

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